Being an international student myself, I get to know comprehensively what the pros and cons of studying abroad are.

If you are questioning yourself whether you should study abroad or not, I hope this post will help.

It is not completely a perfect dream, but it might be an ideal match for you.


  1. Open your mind

Being an international student means that I am able to expose to different cultures, different lifestyles, and a bunch of wonderful things that I have never experienced before.

I was nearly starved on the first day coming to Australia, just because I do not know stores close that early (around 2 pm)

Being an international student, I benefit from the education system and dynamic student community with brilliant perspectives.

(Different education systems all offer us great value in some way)

Being an international student, I have chances to open my eye to the world's breath-taking beauty.

2. Have a mind of your own

Living across the sea means that I have to stand on my own two feet or I have the freedom to do whatever I love to.

Room decoration, unique fashion style, endless trips, and so on.

Do anything to my heart's content.

It's also my choice to learn how to take care of myself.

(Do not skip breakfast like me...)

3. Broaden your circle

I met new interesting college friends, hilarious roommates, helpful colleagues.

Of course, as we get older, we start losing our innocence, especially when we study abroad. I confronted the same trouble, but it might get better if you persevere and open to more experiences.

(Even though making friends is not this post's topic, I think it's a great choice reading Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely)

Disadvantages will be discussed in the next post

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