Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Hi guys, this is the second part of ''INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - UNDERSTAND PROS AND CONS".

In this part, I am going to mention the disadvantages that I have experienced as an international student. Not really disadvantages, it's more like challenges that I need to overcome. But at the end of the day, those become priceless gifts.


1. The cheese stands alone

I think we all get used to loneliness as we grew up, but studying abroad intensifies it. Our friends, our lovers. They all encounter difficulties and have their own priorities. We cannot blame anyone for that.

Yet, we can find the rainbow in the storm!

I found traveling alone so relaxed. I had more time to enjoy the amazing scenery. I was able to go anywhere or do anything that l love to. But, you know... I had to take photos myself.

(Of course, going on trips with friends is always a great experience)

I found moving house a nightmare at first, especially when I did it myself. But undoubtedly I got tons of experiences with house-moving checklists afterward.

2. Limited opportunities

This one might be not applied to everyone.

There is predictably a high level of competitiveness. Exceptional international and local students join the labor market, and locals are always at the top of the priority list.

In my situation, getting an internship in Viet Nam is surely easier than in Australia as Vietnamese is my mother tongue.

So there are a few cases:

Studying in my home country and gaining a number of opportunities to grow.

Or studying abroad and becoming an outstanding candidate to compete.




Or studying abroad and watching Netflix around the clock like me...

3. Skimp and save

Again, this one might be not applied to all situations.

In some countries such as the USA, England, Australia, etc., the cost of living is extortionate, so it can be a big problem to afford living there.

But, it's a great chance for me to learn budget planning.

Also, it's like no difficulties, no discoveries. A lot of people figure out interesting ways to make ends meet ( btw it's not drug dealers or cannabis-related jobs lol).

To sum up, I really hope this post a helpful guide for anyone studying abroad in the near future. Remember that these are based on my standpoints, so feel free to do anything you like and be well-prepared for any of your upcoming plans. Good luck!

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