Overthinking - what should you do?

Hi, I am an over-thinking potato, too

Whenever I felt depressed about something, I literally lied down on my bed, stared at the ceiling, and started thinking. Some people might think I can figure out solutions for all my problems because I spend so much time thinking about them. But ... If you know, you know.

Overthinking really adds fuel to the fire. More depression, more tears, and it is a waste of time!

I actually do not know how to overcome this problem, but I may know some ways not to waste your time spent overthinking.

1. Write down what you feel

Sometimes when things get obfuscated in your mind, writing down your feeling can develop your thinking flow (coherence/ logicality) and your use of vocabulary. Does it sound overload for an overthinking person? Just write as if it is your diary note.

2. Start doing anything

Even watching films!

Instead of spending time thinking of nonsense, you should try to do something ‘’useful”.

Do household chores, try out new recipes, go shopping, take a shower, play games, etc.

Anything except for lying on bed and thinking.

Yes, these activities all benefit you in some way, but overthinking does not!

3. Look for emotional healing content

Subscribe to all Bloggers| YouTubers| Tiktokers who can offer you treatments for your thought. You may not stop overthinking, but you can have more than one perspective for the same problem and may seek out your own solutions.

4. Redirect your thought

If you are overthinking, do not stop!

However, think of how to draw an anime character? How to do exceptional branding as a marketer? How many types of grapes used in wine production? How to become a master in gaming? And so on.

Do you find this unrealistic?

This method definitely cannot be applied to all, even me (I wish I can), but it is still a great alternative to utilize your time.

That’s all for today!! Thanks for reading <3

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